Full Tuition Fee MBA Scholarships

Full Tuition Fee MBA Scholarships, Every student accepted to HBS is a special talent to lead and have a positive effect in our globe. Admission is dependent on merit, however financial aid is granted according to the need.

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Shared Investment in Your Future

Business school is a good investment that pays off in the near future. HBS supports this investment through need-based scholarships for international and domestic student. HBS Scholarships do not have to be repaid. HBS offers need-based scholarships for approximately 50% of students. The average scholarship amount is $46,000 per year which is $92,000 total.

HBS is announcing that, in August 2022, it will grant full scholarships to students with the highest financial need and also new scholarships will be available to students from middle-income backgrounds.

What is the method by which the need identified?

The group that offers financial assistance decides on the need through the evaluation of the following elements.

  • Gross revenue of the prior three years
  • Assets
  • Socioeconomic Background
  • Undergraduate debt

All students are awarded scholarship funds based on the exact calculation. Higher-earning students contribute more to the program than those who earn less. If you have children or are married, we’ll take into consideration the assets of your spouse and earnings.

Every package of financial aid is different and may consist of a mix of need-based scholarships and student loan. HBS Complementary Fellows can provide additional funds for a few HBS student. HBS students are able to use their own savings or other sources of financing to cover the remainder of the expenses for the MBA in the context of an investment shared by the two.

Financial aid does not count the sponsorship of an employer or loans in the sense of scholarship opportunities. HBS Scholarships are not available to those who are sponsored or receive loans from their employers.

Financial Aid invites you to consider other funding options like external programs for student loans, scholarships and Complementary Fellows to complement the needs-based HBS scholarship and to cover the costs of your attendance.


  • Need-Based Scholarship
  • Complementary Fellowships if you are you are eligible

Students’ contributions

  • Save money by using our Savings
  • Student Loans
  • Employer/Outside funding, if applicable


HBS Scholarships are funded by alumni. We match alumni with recipients of scholarships who have similar experiences and goals in order to establish lasting connections between former HBS classes. Listen to the stories from HBS Scholarships to know more about them.

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