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The majority of Stern MBA scholarships are full or half tuition awards. Each applicant (domestic and international) will be examined. The scholarship does not have other conditions. The decision to award the scholarship is made at the time of application and is made the final decision. It is crucial to remember that scholarship amounts and awards may be different from year to next calendar year. For college student who been awarded a merit-based award, please go over the specifics of the award in the official admissions form. Alongside the Stern Scholarships and resources an information page about funding opportunities from outside sources is accessible on the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website.

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The Stern merit-based awards that are made to full-time 2-year MBA students include:

The Dean’s Scholarship The Dean’s Scholarship is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after awards that are offered by Stern. The award is limited to a select few of our most highly-respected students. The award is a total reimbursement of tuition and other fees, is named in honor of Dean Rangarajan “Raghu” Sundaram and allows students to connect directly with Dean Sundaram.

Named Faculty Scholarship Named Faculty Scholarship Named Faculty Scholarship was created to pair the top students with the most distinguished and prestigious faculty. The scholarship, which will cover the entire cost of tuition and other fees matches students according to their academic background and interest to a particular faculty member who is in that field. Faculty scholars named build strong relationships with the professor they have selected to mentor them. The past year sixteen faculty members have been selected to be participants in this scholarship program. Viral Acharya Adam Brandenburger, Dolly Chugh, Aswath Damodaran Kathleen DeRose, J.P. Eggers, Anindya Ghose, Richard Hendler, Alvin Lieberman, Sonia Marciano, Elizabeth Morrison, Glenn Okun, Robert Salomon, Anjolein Schmeits, Robert Seamans, and Tensie Whelan.

Consortium Fellowship (a fellowship covering the entire cost of tuition and expenses which is offered through a partnership organization) This Consortium for Graduate Study in Management seeks to expand the involvement that is dominated by African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in business education and management. U.S. members and those who live permanently in these communities as well as those who demonstrate an enthusiasm for the consortium’s goals could be considered for the fellowship. Candidates have to apply in order to be admitted into NYU Stern through the Consortium application process in order to be evaluated for the entire tuition grant.

Leadership Accelerator Scholarship Leadership Accelerator Scholarship The merit-based award is awarded to applicants who apply, but they will be admitted if they’ve demonstrated an exceptional leadership ability by submitting an application. The principle of the Leadership Accelerator is that fostering leaders requires them to constantly challenge themselves to get beyond their comfort zones and to experiment with new ideas and to failing and learning from these mistakes by thoughtful reflection. Learn further information regarding Accelerator in Leadership. Accelerator.

Fertitta Veterans’ ScholarshipThe Fertitta Veterans’ MBA program is designed for students who are enrolled in the two-year Full-time MBA an original and innovative program that was specifically designed to cater for U.S. military veterans and active duty students to help the transition to business school. With a major donation from alumni Lorenzo Fertitta (MBA ’93) and his brother Frank J. Fertitta III, Stern established a cohort-based summer program specifically created for U.S. military veterans and active duty students. It offers substantial financial aid, as well as an opportunity to attend a summer session that allows students to attend classes earlier and to experience intense learning opportunities in frequent visits to corporations in addition to an excellent leadership program which is integrated within that MBA course. The generous donation today will be used to fund the various elements of the program. Fertitta veterans MBA program for, such as the program founded on cohorts and offers leadership classes during the summer months, as well as it also includes the Fertitta veterans MBA Scholarship which is a merit-based award which reduces tuition to a set amount of $30,000 for the semester. It is a merit-based scholarship. Fertitta program is now offering an expanded Yellow Ribbon Program and the Fertitta Veterans Living Stipend. Learn more on the Fertitta Fertitta veteran MBA Programme..

William R. Berkley Scholarship was created in 2013. The William R. Berkley award program is designed to aid the most outstanding students in college who are seeking to pursue an MBA fully at NYU Stern. The award is available to those to be accepted into the NYU’s NYU x NYU as well as the Stern programme. The students who are accepted automatically get an award of 10,000 dollars. Early Advancement Award to be applied toward their complete-time MBA tuition fees after they enroll at NYU Stern and are eligible to be considered for further NYU Stern scholarships, including the one-year Berkley Early Advancement Fellowship that covers the entire cost of tuition and other fees for the year when they start the course during their time at Stern.

Advancement of Women in Business Award In 2017, it was established The NYU Stern Advancing Women in Business Scholarship is an award that is based on merit and is awarded to those who are taking part in the full-time two-year MBA program and who show an unwavering determination to improve career opportunities for women. The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition as well as all expenses for the two years in an entire MBA programme. The award is partly funded by former students and members of the Stern Executive Board.

Forte Fellowship (awarded in partnership with a partner organization) Forte Fellowship (awarded in partnership with a partner organisation) The Forte Foundation is a group of major corporations, top business schools as as significant non-profit organizations which are dedicated to assisting and educating women in the workplace. Stern assigns Forte Fellows during the admissions process to exceptional applicants who have received an award on the basis of merit and are committed to promoting gender equality in business.

ROMBA Fellow (awarded in conjunction with a partner organization) (awarded in partnership with a partner institution) The Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) is a non-profit organization that teaches, inspires and connects LGBTQplus MBA students in business institutions throughout in the United States. Stern is the person who awards ROMBA fellows to exceptional applicants who have been selected to receive an award based on merit and who demonstrate enthusiasm or determination to create opportunities for LGBTQ+ business leaders.

Elizabeth Elting Advancing women’s Leadership Fellowship This Elizabeth Elting Advancing Women’s Leadership Fellowship was founded in 2019. It was established by Stern alumni, philanthropists and the businesswoman Elizabeth Elting (MBA 1992). The Alumna. Elting is the founder and Chief Executive Director of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, a foundation that seeks to remove the obstacles that hinder women and marginalized. Elting is also an active member of the Stern Executive Board. Each year, the Elizabeth Elting Women’s Leadership Fellowship is awarded to two full-time, two-year MBA students, as in addition to two one-year Andre Koo Tech MBA students. The fellowship awards $50,000 per semester for a full-time, two-year MBA and $50,000 for the one-year Andre Koo Tech MBA. The winners of this award are distinguished by their academic achievement and an impressive record of leadership experience and an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication for the growth in the field of Women in Business. Stern creates Elizabeth Elting Fellows at the time of admission for outstanding applicants.

Directors’ Scholarship The award of $50,000 is awarded to the student in the first year of study and is given to students who have an outstanding level of merit.

Community Scholarship The $25,000 prize is given to students at the first year of their studies and is given to students who have a high degree of merit.

Scholarships are granted following acceptance

The following are awards which have been granted for full-time MBA Students who are not need the submission of an application.

  • Howard Gilman Foundation Scholarship Through the support provided from the Howard Gilman Foundation Howard Gilman Foundation The Howard Gilman Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to graduate students who are pursuing careers in the performing arts, and who are currently pursuing the business field. The students are selected by the office’s Financial Aid office and no requirement for an application separate from the.
  • Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America Scholarships in Law & Business – With the assistance of Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America, the Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America Scholarships in Law & Business will be given for JD/MBA Dual Degree students who want to pursue careers in law and business. Hyundai as and Kia Scholars will be required to attend a Law & Business Projects Seminar in their final year in which they will be able to gain substantial writing credits required to obtain a legal qualification. These are merit-based and require a need basis, so an application for each is not required.

Scholarships are granted after acceptance by the applicant

Here are scholarship opportunities that are offered to the new full time MBA students who need another request. Admissions students are informed of the procedure in applying to these awards after the information is made available within the first week of their semester.

  • Moral Contract Scholarship
  • Harvey Beker Scholarship

The Donor Award is given to students who are who are in the second year of their education.

With the assistance of alumni and friends who are friends and alumni from NYU Stern, students have another opportunity to earn funds during their second year of the MBA. MBA program. Students are all eligible to receive second-year awards based on the principle of merit and the criteria set by donors. The procedure for applying is not necessary.

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