{Original Video}Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak: Esther Raphael Footage Resurfaced Online

LAtets News : Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak

This post is to inform you that a video featuring Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak. It is believed that the Buba Girl is a popular TikTok celebrity. 

The real name of her is Esther Raphael but she is best known for her stage name: The Buba Girl. The Buba Girl is an Nigerian social media star who is currently in the news due to her sloppy mistake which has created a controversy and has left her fans shocked and devastated. The people following her on TikTok didn’t expect such a mistake from her.

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Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak

The renowned Nigerian TikTok celebrity The Buba Girl The Buba Girl, also known as Esther Raphael is currently feeling the pressure of criticism and criticisms over her leak of a video. In actual fact, Esther Raphael made herself the center of attention after the leak of her video. What caused the video to be released? There are reports that suggest Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl was streaming live as she showed explicit videos. The livestream is component of the livestream. Scroll down to find out more information. Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak

Calabar TikTok creator suddenly came live. Calabar TikTok creator popped up to life on TikTok while doing some m*-turbo. The face and the private part of TikToker was visible in the video. Because she is a follower of millions of people on social networks each day, hundreds of people are keeping their eyes on her actions. When she was live during her time of pleasure many viewers watched the shocking footage live on their smartphones.

Buba Girl Esther Raphael viral video explained

The controversial video of the Calabar TikTok influencer didn’t require a long period of time for it to be one of internet’s most talked about topics. It was a viral torrent shortly after the incident occurred. Many speculate that The Buba Girl was deliberately engaging with a live ma*turbation so as to gain the attention of people on the internet, and eventually become the subject of discussion. Some believe about Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl was allegedly blackmailed by a group of men a couple of days ago. Therefore the TikTok star decided to release the video herself since she was not in agreement with the conditions. But, TikTok has not responded to these rumors or claims. She has been deflecting the gossip and has been doing the things she enjoys to do. Read on to discover the more details about her. Buba Girl Viral Video Original Leak

As of now, internet users are extremely curious to see the first footage that has been leaked of Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl but it’s only accessible on social media since it has explicit images and scenes that are in violation of the guidelines for content on social media sites. The censored version the video is available easily online. If you’re willing to view the censored version of Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl’s video leaked, you should look it up for it on Reddit as well as TikTok. Scroll down the page to get more information.


The real name of Buba Girl has been Esther Raphael. She also refers to herself as “Big Raph”. She is a beauty and fashion lover. On Instagram she has amassed more than 46.4K followers. Her IG room can be accessed under the name @_esther_raphael. On TikTok the Buba Girl has amassed over 500K followers and millions of views on her videos. One fan who was unhappy with her leak posted “Esther Raphael (The Buba Girl), you’ve disappointed me.” Another said, “She’s my fav TikToker. This is a pain for me” The circulating viral video has explicit scenes that might also make you feel in a state of disorientation. Keep an eye on this site for more information and news.

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