Google TV Will Make TV Sets More Oc Computer & Google TV ads

New York: Google TV will make TV sets more on computer & Google TV ads. Search-engine giant Google Inc has decided to join hands with Intel and Sony to produce internet TV. Reports have surfaced that the three companies together will build a set-up box. Computer and TV experts say once produced it will help bring the internet to TV screens compiled with late California-based Company had hinted at taking a plunge into this new industry.

Before that many other companies were working overtime to unroll the device that could help watchers to search programs on TV with the help of internet. If successful then it would change the way people watch television.

And Google has been the first to achieve this feat. However, it would be interesting to see how the company will succeed in making it a success. Besides, the effort is to make it a household product in coming days.

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The company has a visionary plan. Its technical employees are working overtime to develop a new platform. The company feels that this will bring the best of the internet to TV screens.

The system has been already been given a name. It will be called Google TV. The system which is being jointly developed by Google, Sony and Intel is a prototype set-top box but people are now more interested in watching TV shows and Movies from their phone using apps. This will give users extra facility to surf the web through their televisions. The company is yet to announce the dateline when it is going to unroll the amazing device.