About Us

Khabrein.info the leading Indian news portal wants to empower its readers by getting them involved in exposing corruption, helping them bring to the fore issues they think must be brought to the light and make them active participants in the media.

Our readers will no longer be passive readers. In fact they never were. They have been writing their responses in hundreds daily criticizing government policies, questioning every move of the people who are in power and criticizing our presentations of the issues as well as appreciating everything good and important. We are indebted to our readers for making Khabrein.Info a great success. Hats off to our readers.

www.Alexa.com ranks Khabrein.Info a lot higher than many Indian newspapers and magazines including Tehelka.com and Asianage.com besides several other well known magazines and newspapers. We feel indebted to our readers for making us such a big success in such a small time.

We at Khabrein.Info believe that our readers cannot participate fully by merely writing in response sections. A large number of our readers have proved them to be better writers than many a seasoned journalists and we would be more than happy to give them a forum where they can contribute freely on issues they find close to their hearts.

We at Khabrein.Info want this participation to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a pluralistic democracy like India requires.

A report edited by J.D. Lasica, senior editor Online Journalism Review says, “We are at the beginning of a Golden Age of journalism — but it is not journalism as we have known it. Media futurists have predicted that by 2021, “citizens will produce 50 percent of the news peer-to-peer.”

We at Khabrein.Info want to use this potential array of citizen journalists to cover those issues that remain uncovered or under covered.

We will request our citizen journalists to forward their reports, articles and queries to khabrein@gmail.com or info@khabrein.info